July 25, 2023.   Environmental cleanup at EM sites is a family affair. Each day, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, and uncles and nephews show up together to perform the hazardous tasks and myriad support services necessary to carry out the world’s largest environmental cleanup. This week’s episode of the “Gone Fission Nuclear Report Podcast” introduces viewers and listeners to some of these families to show what it’s like to work together in this challenging setting. In this podcast episode, meet the Osborne brothers, David, Randy, and Rick, and Rick’s son, A.J., at the Portsmouth Site; Dieter and Natalie Bohrmann, father and daughter at the Hanford Site; Cathy and Matt Torres, mother and son at Savannah River Site; and the Seeber brothers, Richard, Kevin, and Chris, and Chris Seeber’s son, Cody, at Oak Ridge.