U.S. Department of Energy, Office of River Protection

Facebook  |  March 9, 2022 Posted by U.S. Department of Energy, Office of River Protection  http://ow.ly/POEv50IflZT   Training offered at the Hanford Site’s Volpentest HAMMER Federal Training Center was highlighted on a weekly podcast focused on the Department of Energy’s cleanup efforts across the nation.  Listen to Paul Vandervert on Gone Fission Nuclear News Podcast….

 DOE Facility Offers Training “As Real As it Gets”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE |Contact:  Michael Butler |  (704) 779-1844 Monday, February 28, 2022     RICHLAND, Washington – Imagine a training exercise where you have to follow clues, complete a series of specialized tasks, and “escape” from an enclosed room before your air supply runs out. It’s just one of many real-life scenarios students confront at…